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The Power of Imagination Never Dies

November 22, 2013

The Power of Imagination Never Dies

I posted this earlier today on Facebook, but want to share it with a wider audience… Hope you like…

…Imagine being a kid, having a handful of friends, or perhaps just one, who like Dr. Who as you do. Think for a moment about the fantastic world in which your imagination was able to travel. Consider discovering that there were a few others in America who liked it as you did. Then imagine taking the time to go to England where you meet more people who love it and hope it will return, who grew up as you did, but in the country where it began, with parents and siblings who watched it. Imagine realizing there were more kindred spirits in this world than your first, isolated appreciation could ever hint. Imagine returning to that country to see the revival of the series, written, in some cases, by people you’ve come to know and admire, and then consider that the new “regeneration” of the series becomes a dominant worldwide phenomenon, fifty years after it began.

Dr. Who is truly one of the greatest cultural creations, one of the most stunning artistic achievements and most rewarding “play” environments ever created in the world. To all involved, from Verity Lambert to Steve Camden working K-9, from Hinchcliff to Terrance Dicks, to the Big Finish Audio team (guys like Cavan Scott), to the Dr. Who Magazine staff, to the authors of the novels (guys like Mark Morris), to the authors of non-fiction books that gave me and my niece hours of fun (ie David J Howe), to the actors and the current production team and writers who have worked with the them: Thanks.

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