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I’m a GIANT in Bath, England, UK, Britannia, Etc!

October 28, 2013

I'm a GIANT in Bath, England, UK, Britannia, Etc!

Yep. This was a few days ago, but, as Zaphod Beeblebrox once said, “What gives, what gives, what gives, what gives, what gives, what gives, what GIVES?!” I couldn’t help but laugh when I lifted the tiny plastic wrapper that contained this atomistic soap. You’re not looking at it through an electron microscope, but it’s close! 🙂 Funny. Great stay in Bath, on the way to Cardiff for “Scardiff”, the one-day horror event where I got to spend time with Wayne Simmons ( and David Moody (v, and got to meet a lot more great writers and fans. Pics from that to follow! The coolest thing about the trip to Cardiff was that I had to stay overnight in Bristol (and who wouldn’t want to? it’s a cool city!) and my pal Cavan Scott ( told me he was going to be there for BristolCon, a great one-day Sci-Fi gathering that was happening RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER from my hotel by Bristol Temple Meads. AMAZING (Link:!) time there, seeing Cav and meeting up with a lot of cool folks from Future publishing! I’ll post pics from that in a moment! – For now? Bath, the soap (no, I didn’t use it in the bath Spa – that inspires an ancient Druidic curse!), and memories of my good friend Steve O’Brien and his wife, Britt, and their lovely daughter, Lizzie, who met with me for a nice nice of conversation, talk of Dr. Who, and pizza! 🙂 Thanks, all!

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