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MORE New Happenings! “CHIRAL MAD 2”

October 2, 2013

Okay, so I know these posts are coming fast and furious… I read a blog by someone recently that spelled out one aspect of how a writer can look at blogging. A writer can view it as a good exercise, a friendly way to stretch his or her mental muscle as he attempts to impart ideas. This lets him or her apply his mind to colorful turns of phrase and witty thoughts before he sets his fingers to keying the actual story that’s on his mind. A blog can be part that, and it can also be a friendly way to say “thanks”, by sending out information one thinks the reader might enjoy. It can also be a way to inform the reader of neat happenings for friends in the writing world — and I love that idea. It can also be a way to promote, and to keep one’s name in front of folks’ eyes on this here interwebby thing. But one writer’s blog (found HERE ) recently noted that it might not be wise to spend a lot of time on blogging. I agree and disagree. I’ve certainly waited a while to post new thoughts online, often because of my schedule, often because Facebook tends to drag one away and post to his or her personal friends, getting people caught up in those conversations, sometimes because I wasn’t used to blogging at my own “professional writer” blog. But I think there is a great value in being able to contact you outside the “FB Friends” realm, and I particularly like the idea of being able to tell you about the work of people I admire.

Here’s one such work. “Chiral Mad 2″… My friend, writer Michael Bailey, is an astounding guy. Writer, editor, businessman, good bro to his sis and all-around nice guy, Michael last year created a non-profit altho called “Chiral Mad”. Just the title might indicate to you this guy’s genius. Chirality is the property of images or three-dimensional forms appearing to look like each other, but when you try to overlay them, they don’t fit. Mirror images are like this. The two halves of your face are like this. Your hands are like this.

Well, “Chiral Mad” was all about madness, of course, and Chirality! And let me tell you, a challenge like this is one lots of writers would love to accept when it comes to writing a tale! I was fortunate enough to have a story accepted for Michael’s anthology last year, along with great guys like Gary McMahon, Eric Guignard, and Gary Braunbeck, and the book was a huge success. Thousands of bucks were garnered to go to Down Syndrome research. (Buy it here! ). Well, Michael is now editing “Chiral Mad 2”, and he has, once more, amassed an amazing, horrifying array of talent.

And last week I found out I’m lucky enough to be among those guys and ladies! Very happy. The story is called “Whitechapel”, and it takes place in that area of London. I can’t wait to see all the stories in that book. It’s gonna be a BLAST! Here’s a link to the preliminary info on “Chiral Mad 2”!

Gotta fly! As The Prisoner said, “Be Seeing You!” 🙂

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