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It’s here! “Bite” is now ready to pre-order from Pendragon Press!

October 2, 2013

Since I just lit this blog AFIRE with the near-final cover art for my debut novella, “Bite”, it’s now time to let loose da hounds! “Bite” is now ready for pre-order from the good people at Pendragon Press! I could tell you precisely how excited I am, but that would take up too much space! Suffice to say that Christopher Teague, the King of Pendragon, has done a wonderful job for me and for the story, which I think you’ll like! Visit the link, and see if you’d like to grab your copy!

If you order before October 31, we can get you Autographed copies! Really! I’ll be the one autographing them! We might even be able to get the publisher to sign his name, and if Ben baldwin’s available, wouldn’t it be cool to get him to sign? I’ll see those guys that week, so who knows what other names might be on there! I might even ask people not even associated with it to sign! You might get an extra signature from the guy at my fave curry place in Brighton, or bus driver who takes me back to Heathrow! Added coolness, no charge! Just ask and we will work to make your life that much more awesome!

Now, to whet your mental appetite, here is a copy of the presser for “Bite”… 🙂


Press Release



What would you do if your career began with promise, if your plans for life seemed well on their way, but, due to your own mistakes, the bottom suddenly dropped out?

What if that clean, prosperous, happy family life was lost, and you were left to slide deeper and deeper into the “underground”, each strange job more obscure and bizarre than the next?

Where would you land? How long could you stomach that world?

Could you do the kind of job that others fear or don’t believe exists?

Sylvester Cole can. He has for too many years, and now he wants out. Long ago on track to become a literature professor, Sylv made one big mistake, and he’s paid for it since. Maybe he’s made himself pay. He’s not exactly sure.

But one thing is certain, now in his mid-fifties, he’s had enough. He’s saved up his cash and gold. He’s bought a plane ticket out of Vegas, and he’s ready to retire.

Silvester Cole wants one chance at life.

Because Sylvester Cole is sick of re-killing the dead.

But when Sylv wanders into his favorite watering hole to say goodbye to his friends of convenience, he’s confronted with an opportunity of a different sort: a girl, who just might give him that chance to snatch life and love out of the hands of fate – by re-killing one last time.

“Bite” is a noir novella that brings you back to what horror is all about: emotional, psychological, spiritual stakes. Its voice is real, and its action is aggressive.

I hope you like it, and will spread the word!

As added bonuses, Pendragon Press and I have even added two shorts to “help you unwind” at the end of the tale!

Here are what other respected authors are saying about “Bite”:

“An action-packed collision of horror and noir!”

F. Paul Wilson

“A hard-boiled horror story, as if Sam Spade had turned vampire hunter.”

Christopher Golden

“A cracking story which tears along at 100 miles an hour.”

Mark Morris

“Gard Goldsmith’s prose is like the edge of a knife. Definitely a writer to watch!”

Brian Keene

“A wonderfully engaging tale of woe!’

Wayne Simmons Bestselling author of “Flu” and “Plastic Jesus”



…is currently available from “Pendragon Press”, for shipment in the US, UK, EU and World-wide. Pre-orders made prior to the official release on October 31 can receive autographed copies! Show your GREAT taste, BUY ONE NOW!

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