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And now for something completely…

November 22, 2012

Different! Or, to be more precise, someONE completely different!

Here’s the deal. What most people don’t know is that we writers of the supernatural and strange are all part of an ancient Druidic cult. We enter at an early age, sacrifice a few Ewok dolls (which is fine my me), and then labor in the service of our great God, Procrastination. And as our mental fires burn, we word architects discover that we hold dear many of the same things, the central themes being good writing, original story telling, integrity and kindness. (The dislike of Ewoks is just a bonus.)

With that in mind, this post will be brief. In my next few posts, I get to present to you the individuals to whom I pass the torch for the “Next Big Thing” blog chain. And I couldn’t be more excited if I found out the Fourth Doctor went back in time to stop the Ewoks from being created, or worked to change them into less destructive creatures…


First up is Michael Bailey.

If you don’t know Michael or his work, you will, because you know I’m straight with ya, and you’ll be slack-jawed by both his writing and his character. He’s a great guy, and his writing is not only engaging, it’s incredibly complex — multi-layered, incorporating realistic characters and dialogue with such a refined agenda that you might not realize what he’s done with the words and your unsuspecting brain cells until the end of each tale. He’s an author of novels, short stories, and poetry, and also edits, plays music, and creates amazing artwork. In short, this guy is a powerhouse.

I met Michael at the astounding Borderlands Press Bootcamp, and, as he knows, I had taken special note of the piece he submitted for the program. It was the best of some very good fiction which we critiqued and studied at the Bootcamp. It was so impressive that I sought him out to tell him, and noted to him certain things that stood out as unique in his tale. And let me tell you, he really DID do some original things.

Since that time, he has ignited; his output is astounding, and his dedication to telling his tales, and doing it well, will truly impress you and hearten you for the future of unusual fiction. I pass one of my torches to Michael Bailey, whose site can be found here! —

Tally ho, Michael! And visitors? Please do visit his site. You won’t be sorry! This guy is a genius, no doubt in any way.

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