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Opening Ceremonies…

November 12, 2012

Greetings, readers, readsters, scribblers, viewers, reviewers, and producers…

Welcome to a virtual getaway, a vacation spot where you can test the waters of this writer’s thoughts, life, and suggestions, and see if they’re invigorating and worthwhile. Consider it a sort of seaside hotel sans the expensive occupancy bill… No mints on the pillows here, but at least you’re not expected to tip the cleaning staff before you leave…

This is my first entry, straight from the cranial curves and lanky fingers of GG to you. So by way of introduction, I’ll tell you that this site is dedicated to my fiction. Although I have an extensive library of articles on political-economics and anarcho-capitalist philosophy, this pretty little spot on the intertubes is opening because I’m a writer who loves entertaining tales that are well told. I also hold in high regard those who can write well, who can turn a phrase and make it poetic while not distracting me from the narrative. I like authors who know when and where to flex their word-architect muscles, and I respect and learn from them. You’ll see me mention many of them here, partly because I just can’t contain myself when I feel that explosive enthusiasm for stunning work, but also because I hope you’ll seek out some of the authors I suggest. I love their work, and I want them to achieve even more success.
So as I close this first entry, for the few who will see it, I want to let you know that, yeah, I’ll be building the site as the days pass, adding jaw-droppingly breautiful observations on life, art, fiction, music, movies and fascinating locations around the mostly harmless planet called “Earth”, but I’ll also be thanking a few people along the way. I think it’s only right that as one travels along new pathways and publishes his work, as one tries to touch people in ways they’ll remember, as one establishes a career as a writer, he acknowledge the efforts of those who helped him get started.

As such, I’d like to tell ya that I owe a great debt of gratitude to certain writers. This site is dedicated to F. Paul Wilson (, Tom Monteleone (, Doug Winter, Jack Ketchum (, Chris Golden (, Gene O’Neill , Tim Lebbon (, Conrad Williams (, Guy Adams (, Gary McMahon (, Rob Shearman (, Mark Morris (, Graham Joyce (, Sarah Pinborough (, Cavan Scott (, Lisa Morton (, Wayne Simmons (, Christopher Fowler (, Mercedes Yardley (, Paul Finch (, Simon Bestwick (, Ronald Malfi (, Rio Youers (, Brian Keene (, Wrath James White (, Laird Barron ( and the ever-frightening John Skipp (you know where he can be found, standing behind you…) Each of these people has, through his or her work, shown me something awesome, and helped me learn, even while forming great bonds of friendship.

This site is also dedicated to Rocky Wood, editors Stephen Jones and Ellen Datlow, and my family and close friends.

To my departed folks, Paul and Shirley Goldsmith – thanks for listening to the stories as I read them to you, and thanks for a lot more!

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  1. Hooray! I’m so glad to see that your blog is up and running! Now I’ll have a new way to stalk you! Thank you so much for the mention, dear friend.

  2. Perhaps I’m just starved for attention, or perhaps it depends on who’s doing it, but being stalked by YOU, Mercedes? Sounds fine to me! 🙂

  3. Great writing, Gard. Love it. Here’s to many more years of reading this.

  4. Rocky Wood permalink

    Subscribed, and hanging on every word!

  5. I’d love to know how much you will charge for the recording services, it sounds interesting.

    • Well, Mothy, first, thanks for writing! 🙂 Second, as I prepared to set up the audio production company, I studied the earnings of the professional readers, and, generally, they charge between 2 and 5 cents per word. Then, publishing companies must also pay for the overall production that the big companies would do. I will begin by charging a penny per word, and will not charge for the production services themselves, which I do myself. So a customer gets the audio book for half of the lowest price of a pro-reader, and also gets to avoid all production costs. For more complex productions, involving many sound effects, multi-tracking, etc, I might charge flat fees based on the length of the book. Rock on, my friend!

      • You’re like the Henry Ford of audio! Can’t wait to buy the first product to come off the assembly line!

  6. This is super, Gard. Way to go! I’m enjoying!!

  7. Site looks great, Gard! Best of luck to you…

  8. Thanks to all of ya!

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